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Puerto Rock Steady Festival was an experience of a lifetime! There is community of people who gravitate together every year for the music, beach, the support of this island, and also just to see each other! I came out here all by myself with a lot of uncertainty and I was met with warmth and friendship that I will keep close to me... we chilled, we partied, we made memories! I was so engaged I didn’t even take photos. 

Nyara Jessica Suzanne, New York/Kampala, Africa

Itś always LOVE, HIP HOP and CAMARADERIE each and every single year!! Been coming since year 1 and it's become a family/friend reunion of sorts. I caaant wait to be there-- it's so close, I can smell the bonfire!!

Cristina Rosado, New York

PRS yooooo words can't explain. It's just da Bomba! Been there since year 1. Only missed one... but I have to tell you bro, it's something I look forward to every year. Pure love. Beautiful people. Beautiful Island. I'm coming to give my love to the island, share my fun with all the beautiful people and contribute to the rebuilding of my future home. One Love.

Shuana H. Figueroa, New York

Puerto Rock Steady means a little bit of Home being brought to the island. New York, the sound of hip hop and Family!!! I’ve met so many amazing people since year 1 that I’ve come to know and care for. Every year I looked forward to meeting new friends and hanging with alum. Wish I could be there this year. Hurricane Maria had other ideas. But I promise I’ll be back! 🇵🇷❤️❤️🇵🇷

Cristina Sanchez, Isabela, PR/Florida

The festival does not have as much meaning to me as what the people behind it do. To take the time and energy required to put on an event like this means alot. You make a difference to so many lives and that is what is important. The guest spend money and time off work to travel down and support this event because of the purpose. We all have family on the Island and to see so many people come together to help our friends and family shows you the true meaning of Puerto Rock Steady.

Richard Holmes, Ohio

2018 Puerto Rock Steady was absolutely awesome , full of great energy and amazing performances, shout out to all Puerto Rock Steady staff I personally have been in Puerto Rico helping right after the storm then made the decision to move to the beautiful Island Thank you Crazy Legs for all the wonderful things you have done for PR and still doing. I encourage anyone that has never been to a PRS event to add it to your bucket list. Believe me you won’t regret it. Blessings and I can’t wait till next year.

George Gonzalez, Aguadilla, PR

Words cannot express the beauty and mindfulness of this trip! #bgirl #breakcation #puertrocksteady2018 #stressrelease #royalisabela #laislabonita #poolparty  #boricuastandup #crew#ladiesadios  #divinefemininemovement

J*La-Rok, New Jersey

Mad love and respect to @crazylegsbx for an amazing event and for all he has done to help the people of Puerto Rico post hurricane Maria. Shoutout to his beautiful lady @joselleyokogawa and to @nina.soul and everyone else behind the scenes that helped put this event together. 🙇‍♀️🇵🇷 If you didn't know, now you do! Puerto Rock Steady is the place to be! Make sure to keep it on your radar for next year! ❤Support locals
💙 Increase tourism 
Can it get any better than that? 

Windy Winders, Missouri

About Last weekend thanks @crazylegsbx for all you do for Puerto Rico and for uniting all of us for another edition of @puertorocksteady it was a movie 🍿 can’t wait for next year ✈️🇵🇷⏯ #puertorocksteady2018 #hardbody   #supremebeingz #rocksteadycrew   #isabela#puertorico #voodoorayforever

B-girl Bongo Roc, New York


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