A message to all Elementos Speakers

Dear Guest Panelists, 

Firstly, Thank you so much for your time and energy towards this important effort in preserving the narrative of Latinos in Hip Hop. We are honored by your presence at this "Roundtable" conversation and for the ways you have contributed to this initiative. 

Secondly, Key parts of the narrative we will be covering are the 4 Elements of Hip Hop (5th being Knowledge), the Latino Experience and its impact on culture, creating the first of many historic records that will serve as part of laying a foundation for the future.

Thirdly, This takes place tomorrow. Attire is cool casual (NO blazers, suits or ties please).

Transportation is arranged for 2:15pm from the hotel to the venue:

Dumbo House (55 Water St., Brooklyn, NY 11201) and your CALL TIME is 3pm 

Please take a moment to review the following as you prepare for this LIVE RECORDING.

1) The spirit of this recorded conversation is to capture

     - Respectful sharing of individual perspectives

     - An intimate review of latinos in Hip Hop

     - Celebrating, documenting, and creating legacy     

2) Who will be there? (very limited space)

     - 8 Guests Panelists

     - 2 Facilitators

     - A small video recording crew

     - Less that 20 witnesses in the room (including PRS Fest Donors, PRS Fest producers/team)

3) A feel for what types of questions that may be asked: 

     - Introduce yourself within the context of your perspective and what were the years you are referring to?

     - Your age at the time, what was happening in Hip Hop from your perspective at that time

     - What/who your influences were and the impact it had on your identity, legacy you want to see left behind?

4) This is an open conversation of various perspectives. Each individual and their unique take on their involvement in Hip Hop will be respected. While there may be alternate versions of how things went down or even disagreements, each person's 'truth' will be accounted for, unedited, and archived at Cornell University. 

5) What you say, how you say it and how you respond to other panelists as well as the facilitators will NOT BE EDITED and will be on this LIVE recording in the archives.

 Our intention for this panel is to have a civil, respectful conversation that brings dignity to the narrative and all involved. We will aim to steer away from 'absolutes' and 'leave room for error' as it pertains to the dynamic of the conversation. This recording will be history-in-the-making and part of the LEGACY we leave for the next generations of Hip Hop to be proud of. 

Thank you again, we look forward to a tremendous event together!


PRS Festival Team