B-Boy Spy

B-boy Spy, from the Crazy Commanders Crew, dominated in the b-boy scene in the mid to late 1970’s. His understanding of the foundation allowed him to evolve and take moves from other b-boys and redesigned them to make them his own. At the same time he was creating moves that would later be taken by others. Spy is recognized as the creator of moves that serve as major components to what is the foundation of breaking today.

Some of theses moves are the Six-Step Footwork, the CC Rock, Swipes, the Baby Freeze, and his Latino flavor of top rocking. His arsenal of moves made it easy for his peers to refer to him as “The Man With A Thousand Moves”.

According to Spy’s personal friend and peer, Trac 2 from Star Child La Rock. “Spy was a master illusionist”. With that being said, it is no wonder how Spy could do just about any move in both directions and make it seem as if each time he did them, they appeared to be different moves.

Spy’s partnership with the music showed that in order to rock the floor, you first had to let the music rock your soul. He was the absolute epitome of what a b-boy should be. His influence is such that it served as the blue print for what has become what a b-boy or b-girl must learn in order to become one.

Spy’s influence was the very reason why b-boys such Crazy Legs and many others wanted to strive and become the best b-boy that they could be. Spy was an idol and a super hero to many b-boys and b-girls in hip-hop before it’s commercialization. He was the first larger than life b-boy and is a true legend among his peers.

B-Boy Spy