Our volunteer programming and community-service initiatives are the heart and soul of what we do. Each year, as part of the PRS festival experience, we partner with Puerto Rico-based nonprofit organizations to create meaningful volunteer programs for festival guests that serve the island’s communities, and educate and empower children.


In 2019, we partnered with the incredible Puerto Rico-based nonprofit Concervasion Costera for a reforestation and beach cleanup project. Volunteers restored and replanted trees that protect the island's lush coastline and removed the immense buildup of trash and debris that was polluting Puerto Rico’s beautiful beaches. Additionally, Concervasion Costera provided in-depth education for all
We brought in a favorite local organic, hydroponic farm called Pura Emuna to feed our volunteers and crew with its fresh fruits and vegetables. Pura Emuna was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2018, but thanks to the support of PRS Fest's founder, Richard "Crazy Legs" Colón and his crowd-funding campaign for Puerto Rico, the farm remains healthy and open!



Since 2015, PRS has worked directly with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico to provide one-of-a-kind education, dance and wellness programs for children of all ages.


In partnership with the non-profit organization Child Of This Culture (COTC), many of the programs have used Hip Hop as a positive platform and are designed to educate, inspire, nurture and manifest growth in each child and their community. 


In 2018, in the wake of Hurricane Maria, COTC and volunteers introduced solar energy education, giving each child Luci Light Pro and Solar STEM kits, which were donated by solar energy supplieMPOWERD

Hurricane first respondersWaves For Water, also volunteered their time to educate children on the importance of clean drinking water and taught them how to assemble life-saving water filtration systems.


In the devastating wake of Hurricane Maria, PRS began its longtime commitment of helping to raise awareness about how to sustainably rebuild and create sovereignty for people and communities in Puerto Rico.

In partnership with Island Corps, an eco-travel, professional leadership and environmental education non-profit, the PRS crew and festival guests got down and dirty for a sand dune restoration project in Isabela to mitigate the effects of climate change and Hurricane Maria. 

Volunteers restored vegetation along Isabela's coastline, which helps prevent flooding during storms and hurricanes, and rebuilt sand dunes by planting rows of wooden pallets, which trap sand and form new dunes.



Hurricane Maria wiped about 80% of Puerto Rico’s crop value when it ravished the island in 2017, according to the agricultural department.That represented a $780 million loss in agricultural gains—a devastating blow to farmers, impoverished communities and the island’s already-fragile food security.



PRS strategically partnered with El Departamento de la Comida and El Fondo de Resiliencia de Puerto Rico to involve festival volunteers, who were able to join one of the organizations' many "farm brigades," which focused on five pillars of support: reforestation, seeds and farming, rainwater collection systems, community wellness and renewable energy.




PRS is so much more than just a festival. It is as symbol of humanitarianism, community service and helping those who are in need. This spirit has spread widely throughout the festival’s community of artists, guests, staff members, and many others, who continue to use PRS as a platform  to spread the gift of giving back.


Earthquake Relief Efforts: What was originally planned as a business trip for the planning of PRS Fest in early 2020 quickly turned into several humanitarian relief missions for PRS Fest founder, Richard "Crazy Legs" Colón, after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake—and hundreds more—devastated much of the southwestern side of the island.


Clothing and Shoe Donations: During a day off from DJing at the festival in 2018, international DJ Soni withanEYE drove into communities in Aguadilla to hand-deliver brand-new women's clothing, donated by UK-based Glamorousand 500 pairs of shoes, many donated by It's From The Sole, a non-profit organization that gives shoes to homeless communities around the world.


Books For Kids: PRS Fest partnered with a local nonprofit organization called Student Globe to help raise awareness about its reading and writing initiative in 2018. In an effort to help Student Globe with its mission of providing books to local schools and an orphanage in Isabela, many out-of-town festival guests brought English and Spanish-language books in their suitcases to donate to the cause.